Pink Haven Coalition

Who We Are

We are a collective of organizations and individuals who are committed to trans liberation and joy and to growing community defense, mutual-aid, and alternative systems of care for gender diverse people.

Will you join us?

At a time when many places in the United States are seeking to eradicate trans and non-binary people from public life, we are committed to mobilizing justice-lovers who will declare “Not on my watch!” We have the will, the compassion, the experience, the pluck, and the resources to keep our trans communities and gender expansive beloveds safe. Centering the security of the trans organizers leading this work, we are gathering supporters from a wide array of communities and organizations.

Give today!

All donations are moving directly into the hands of trans-led organizers and being used to support trans and non-binary people in accessing the resources and support they need to survive and thrive. We are deeply grateful to First Parish Malden, Universalist for serving as the fiscal sponsor for this life saving work.

We Support Relocation to Safer States

We Make Connections to Mutual Aid

We Move Privilege in the Right Direction

We Help People Get Gender Affirming Care

Support trans liberation and resist fascism today!